2023 LEAGUE GUN DRAWING INFO               

Drawing                             Requirement to Qualify**                                Date of Drawing  

March Incentive        Shoot 1 round by April 2nd                                 April 8th  
April Incentives (2)   Shoot 3 rounds by May 14th                                May 20th   
May Incentive           Shoot 4 rounds by June 4th                                 June 10th
June Incentive           Shoot 5 rounds by July 2nd                                July 8th
July Incentive            Shoot 6 rounds by July 30th                               August 5th    
August Incentives (2) Shoot 8 rounds by September 2nd                   September 3rd
Grand Prizes (7)        Shoot 8 rounds September 2nd                          September 3rd                                  

 ** 2 Incentive guns per Round,

One in the Open League and One in the Sub Gauges (for a total of 16 incentive Guns).

You only need to be current on your shooting in ONE of the Sub Gauges to qualify the

sub gauge Incentive gun drawings. *


For those you will need to have shot all 8 Rounds in each League and Gauge entered.          

Any questions contact Dave Langvardt at dlngvrdt@grm.net  or call  (660) 247-1211.


This year we have 6 Divisions with 6 Separate Grand Prizes.

All 4 gauges will be scored separate and all shooters that finish each gauge will qualify.

Grand Prizes given away by random draw at the end of the League.

There will be 16 guns given away by random draw to shooters that stay up to date with their targets.


Gun List / Dates / Winners 

​        Month                Drawing Date             Gun Awarded                       Winner  


There are 7 Grand Prize Guns in 2023 and will awarded 1 to each winner in each League via Random draw, except the Team League which will have 2 guns awarded. There will also be a consolation gun drawn from a list of all shooters that completed the league and failed to win any placement cash or guns throughout the season.

 OPEN LEAGUE PRIZE: CZ Redhead Premier in 12 gauge

20 GAUGE PRIZE: CZ 1012 Bronze 12 gauge

28 GAUGE PRIZE: CZ Bobwhite SxS in 28 gauge.

.410 PRIZE: CZ Drake O/U in .410 bore

5-STAND PRIZE: CZ 712 G3 12 gauge


A Pair of CZ P 10 Ms in 9mmCONSOLATION PRIZE: CZ 612 Pump in 12 gauge   

Grand Prizes

Donated by CZ-USA.

​​​​​Gun a Month Giveaway

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