Gun List / Dates / Winners 

​        Month                Drawing Date             Gun Awarded                       Winner  

 March Open            April 20th                  CZ P-10 C 9mm Pistol       Scott Mortsolf #26 

March Sub Gauge  April 20th                   CZ 457 Lux .22lr Rifle         Dan Ross #92 

April (1) Open         May 25th                    CZ Quail 20 gauge O/U

April (2) Open         May 25th                    CZ P-10 F 9mm Pistol

April (1) Sub Gauge May 25th                  CZ 628 Field Select Shotgun

April (2) Sub Gauge May 25th                   CZ 512 Tactical Rifle in .22lr

May Open                 June 1st                    CZ 612 Target Shotgun

May Sub Gauge       June 1st                    CZ 620 Field Select Shotgun

June Open                July 6th                     CZ 1012 Bronze Shotgun

June Sub Gauge      July 6th                     CZ 457 American Rifle in .22lr

July Open                August 3rd                CZ 1012 Grey Shotgun

An evolution of our wildly popular Ringneck, the Sharp-Tail is an entirely new action. Much smaller overall, it now features coil springs instead of leaf springs and sports the same color case-hardened finish. With a single selectable mechanical trigger and pistol grip, the Sharp-Tail is one the sharpest-looking side-by-sides on the market and has some important new features. Updated with new technology, the one-piece CNCed receiver now has independent floating firing pins, coil spring operated hammers and newly designed sears. This all equates to longer life and greater consistency.

Available in 12, 16, 20 , 28, and .410 with single selectable 28-inch barrels, Turkish walnut stocks, single extractor and 5 flush choke tubes (except 16  and .410, which have fixed IC/Mod), all inside a plastic case.

Grand Prize

Donated by CZ-USA.

Boot Hill Shooting Ground LLC

​​​​​Gun a Month Giveaway


This year we have 4 Divisions with 4 Separate Grand Prizes.

All 4 gauges will be scored separate and all shooters that finish each gauge will qualify for a CZ Sharptail SxS Shotgun in that gauge by random draw at the end of the League.

There will be 16 guns given away by random draw to shooters that stay up to date with their targets.


Drawing               Requirement to Qualify**                  Date of Drawing  

 March Incentive        Shoot 1 round by April 14th                         April 20th
April Incentives (2)    Shoot 3 rounds by May 19th                        May 25th
May Incentive            Shoot 4 rounds by June 9th                         June 15th
June Incentive           Shoot 5 rounds by June 30th                      July 6th
July Incentive            Shoot 6 rounds by July 28th                        August 3rd
August Incentives (2) Shoot 8 rounds by August 31st                 September 1st
Grand Prizes (4)        Shoot 8 rounds by August 31st                   September 1st

      ** 2 Incentive guns per Round, one in the Open League and One in the Sub Gauges (for a total of 16 incentive Guns). You only need to be current on your shooting in ONE of the Sub Gauges to qualify for incentive guns, EXCEPT FOR AUGUST INCENTIVES AND THE GRAND PRIZES. For those you will need to have shot all 8 Rounds in each League and Gauge entered.