Boot Hill Shooting Ground LLC

Boot Hill Shooting Ground LLC History

Established in the Late 1990's by Gary Brown and sons the Boot Hill Shooting Grounds was opened to give the local shooters a place to practice and hang out.  Over the years Gary and Kent Brown expanded the facility to throw both 5 stand and Sporting Clays.  Boot Hill also provided the 4H kids a place to hone their shooting skills with Coach - Randy Pickering.  Randy donated his time and resources to the 4H shooting program.  The club closed to the public around 2008 accept for the 4H kids who continued to practice at the facility.

 When many small clubs began to close in Missouri Randy Pickering reopened the club about 3 years ago for Thursday night shooting and weekends by appointment.  

Randy is a long time shooter and his experience makes for interesting target presentations.  


2013 Boot Hill was throwing NSCA registered targets again.

 In 2014 we doubled the registered events and revived the Black Dog Veterans Shoot, known today as Veterans Benefit shoot to raise money for the Cameron Veteran's Home.  

In the Fall of 2016 - Randy moved the club to his own property a few miles north of the old Boot Hill location.  Building a new Club House and new course.  Grand Opening on the new grounds was held on 05/20/2017 - with our first NSCA registered shoot of the 2017 season.